Sherlock icons for inspired20in20

Good evening!
Yes, I'm still making Sherlock icons. I simply can't help it and I'm sorry. Almost sorry that is. You might notice that a couple of new icons are less vibrant and darker than my older works. Let me know, which style you prefer.
Hope you enjoy this batch (I'd say Cumberbatch, but that would be a terribly bad joke) as I'm quite proud of it. :)

01-20: Sherlock icons for inspired20in20
Round 12: Year In, Year Out celebrates the upcoming 1st Anniversary of inspired20in20 by taking a look back on the year that was in the iconing community.

21-33: Alts/Rejects/Challenge entries for elitesherlock

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It's TUTORIAL time

sstarlz asked me to make a tutorial for this icon:
Photobucket from my latest batch

.I never save psds, so the outcome is a bit different. - If anyone of you want the icon exactly recreated, tell me and I'll give my best.
.In all of my life I can remember making only ONE tutorial and it wasn't what I'd call professionally done and the icon was sh*t, so I sincerely hope, I'm making sense.
.finally: my version of Photoshop is in German, so I might not use the right terms all the time
.I'm using Photoshop CS4 extended, but it should work on earlier version, as well :)

From #1 and #2 to Photobucket
(caps taken from enchantedfleur - thank you!)

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Feedback post

As I'm pratically drowning in comments for my latest iconposts (in comparison to the feedback I got 1 year ago that is), I'm a bit curious and want to know what I'm doing wrong. Tell me frankly what you dislike about my style, please. It possibly won't change all that much, as above all I have to like my graphics myself and I'm proud of my current work.

I kept thinking for some time, it's because I'm rather inactive, but nothing can be that easy. Or is it? I'm disappointed in the world, if it's that easy. XD